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Major Accomplishments

Major Accomplishments of the UC Merced GSA since its establishment in 2005 till mid-2009

1. First GSA by-laws and constitution drafted, approved and amended.

2. First Graduate Student Conference Grant set-up with monetary contribution from all graduate students, from Chancellor Steve Kang and Vice-Chancellor Samuel J. Traina (reimbursement for conference travel expenses up to $400/student/semester)

3. First UC Merced GSA website, email and connection to UC Merced websites such as Office of Student Life and Graduate Division after successful requests.

4. Successful negotiation for operation of campus shuttles during periods without undergraduate classes.

5. Majority voting in favor of not raising certain mandatory student fees such as the transportation fee without proper consideration of graduate student concerns over these issues.

6. Establishment and recognition as a formal Association, instead of just a club, en par with the ASUCM, after several months of negotiations and behind-the scene dialogues to correct misconceptions regarding our scopes and mandates.

7. Co-sponsor of several events such as the first National Association of Chicano and Chicana Studies (NACCS) Northern California  Regional conference at UC Merced, UC Merced Research Week,  Community Pool graduate student party, official graduate student meetings and get-togethers and others.

8. Gradual increase of graduate student interests in GSA affairs and elections, as reflected by 40% voter  participation in the 2008 elections.

9. Successful negotiations for campus wide representation of graduate students and placement of at least one graduate student representative in all University wide  committees by mid-2009, through a formal democratic process of calls for nominations and selection based on qualifications and negotiating strengths.

10. An efficient system of communication between graduate students and the administration through the different graduate students nominated and selected to represent us on the above committees.

11. Successful negotiations to include a graduate student in both UC Merced Senate committees, after several rounds of communications and one meeting with the Senate in 2009.

12. Active representation in University of California Student Association (UCSA) till mid-2009, after which UC Merced grad students voted to separate from it, owing to perceptions of disregard for graduate student needs and concerns compared to those of the undergrads during UCSA meetings.

13. Monthly meetings with the Chancellor and the Dean of the Graduate Division. Regular meetings with other members of administration as needed.


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