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Past GSA Election Results

In the spirit of democracy & equality, the first GSA Officers decided to incorporate the following GSA Officer designations since the inception of the GSA in 2005: Campus Affairs Officer, Academic Affairs Officer, External Affairs Officer, Public Relations  & Community Outreach Officer and Secretary. The more traditional designations and posts such as ‘President’, ‘Vice-President’ and ‘Chair’ were never part of the UC Merced GSA Council of Officers.


May 8, 2008, Election Officer Rob Root & Nelson Rivera

Campus Affairs Officer:
Ryan Lucas
Academic Affairs Officer:
Gyami Shrestha
External Affairs Officer:
Joel Beutel
Public Relations/Community Outreach Officer:
Alisa Keyser
Henry Pai


Heather Bryan , later continued by Amy Leung


2007, Election Officer David Hambley

Campus Affairs Officer: Dorothy Alice Beals

External Affairs: Joel Beutel

Academie Affairs: Nelson Rivera

Public Relations: Gyami Shrestha

Secretary: Robert Root


2006, Election Officer Jesus Cisneros

Campus Affairs Officer – Joel Beutel
External Affairs Officer – Kandice Grote & Corinne Townsend
Academic Affairs Officer – Lizbeth Duran & Kristi Imberi
Treasurer – David Hambley
Secretary – Open until filled
Public Relations/Community Outreach Officer – Gyami Shrestha & Martha Acevedo


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